Update PointPrimitives which stored on a Map

Dear experts,

It seems like searching ~30k PointPrimitive in the Primitive Collection every 1-2seconds is a bit heavy, so I have decided to store them on a Map. I am having some issue when update them from the Map. The ones I stored on the Map are not longer in the Primitive Collection (with index of -1 and not attached to a collection). And I found ones with the same ID in Primitive Collection which is not exactly the one on my map. They seems has been recreated some how.

I really want them in Map. Can anyone please advise? Thank you.

Best Regards,


I ended up removing all the Primitive from collection and recreated them during position updates. Performance seems pretty good to me. Any better solutions? Please advice. Thank you.

Hi Prolog,

Welcome the community! Is it possible for you to share a Sandcastle showing what you are trying to do? This might help us brainstorm better solutions. Is it possible to store less than ~30k primitives during each update?