Performance question related to PointPrimitiveCollections

I am displaying 75,000 points on an animated 2d map (so all of them are visible).

They start as with 0.01 opacity. As time goes on, points will be set to full opacity and then fade back down to 0.05 opacity. They are currently stored in a single PointPrimitiveCollection.

I’m trying to squeeze out any performance enhancements I can. The docs mention that PointPrimitiveCollections should only have points in them that are updated on the same frequency. My current setup has updates of 2 frequencies, but 3 states (pre: 0.01 opacity; during animation: multiple opacities; post: 0.05 opacity).

So my question, would dividing the points into 2 or 3 PointPrimitiveCollections speed things up enough to outweigh what I presume is slow, the searching of 75,000 points each animation frame to move a point from one collection to another? Is there another way to think about this?


Have you seen this blog post?

It has helpful tips for improving performance with points.



Yep. Thanks.

Points are in a PointPrimitiveCollection, they are not Billboards.
Points are as small as possible given the design, and are as translucent as possible given the design.

My specific question is related to the performance difference between putting points in different PointPrimitiveCollections and transferring them between the various Collections, vs adjusting the opacity of the Points within a single Collection but having them on different update frequencies.