Performance Question


did anyone have experiences with performance of a geojsondatasource.

I loaded ca. 200000 points to a geojsondatasource. I got memory-errors
in chrome and the performance is slow.

Are there any alternatives ?

I used geojsondatasource, because i get the points from a wfs !



For that many static points, you would have better luck using PointPrimitiveCollection directly. It doesn’t have all of the features of using the Entity API, but there is a lot less overhead. We want to support these use cases at the Entity/DataSource layer in the future (and will definitely support them in 3D Tiles), but it will require some significant refactoring.

Hi Matthew,

this means I have to copy the points from the geojsondatasource to the PointPrimitiveCollection - is this what you mean ?

Is there another way than geojsondatasource to get the points from a wfs service ?