Uploaded asset missing meshes problem

I have an obj file created from point cloud (Its a 2D surface mesh). I made sure to centered it in 0,0,0 and using Z-UP transformation. But when I upload this as an asset, I see only half of the mesh. When I rotate this on Location set editor, I see other half at a certain angle but never the full mesh.
I have also tried converting obj to glb (using obj2gltf) but faced same problem.

However if I open obj in blender and export as glb file, and upload asset, I see the full mesh.

Asset exported from blender ==> 2317916
Asset uploaded as converted glb using obj2gltf ==> 2317915


Hi, are you able to provide some more information so we can better assist you:

  • Do you have an asset id for when you uploaded the OBJ file directly? The two assets provided were both GLB files.
  • Can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing for the full mesh and the the half mesh? That will let our team know what the correct and incorrect versions look like.


Correct asset upload (Asset id 2317916) when I use blender to open original obj and export as glb ==> glb_from_blender.png
Incorrect asset upload (Asset id 2317915) when I use “obj2gltf” utility to convert original image to glb ==> glb_from_obj2gltf.png
Incorrect asset upload (Asset id 2318948) when I upload original obj directly ==> direct_obj_upload.png

Hi it looks there are two surfaces that are facing in opposite directions. Ceisum is only rendering the surface when it is facing the camera so that is why you only see one half at a time. To fix this you can flip the normals for one of the surfaces in Blender and rexport it. That should allow you to see the both surfaces at once using the OBJ.