Problem with Pix4d mesh and point cloud when loaded in ION

I exported mesh (.obj, .fbx), point cloud(.laz) of a tower in pix4d, when I try to load them in ION for visualization, the orientation and location is always distorted and I have to manually adjust the mesh and point cloud. I am unable to fix this issue. For future work I want to automate the uploading and displaying data.
Please help.
Thank you

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I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue with your point cloud data. Are you able to send the asset id of your point cloud in ion to We can further look into the issue and see what is causing the orientation and location distortions.

Thank you very much for the response. The problem is occurring when I try to load .fbx or .obj (mesh) as 3D Model (tile as 3D Tiles or gltf). The orientation and geolocation problem is solved when I load it as 3D capture.