Uploaded glb model and position adjusting pivot is far away from each other

Hello Team,
I have sample glb files which I am uploading on the cesium ion.
I am choosing an option of 3DTILES while uploading it.
After the upload, when I choose option to set the model location, what I find is that the tileset position and the pivot for adjusting position is far away from each other.
Like shown in below screen shot.

I have added sample glb file as well to try out.
CubeAwayFromPivot.glb (1.9 KB)

What are the possible ways to solve this issue ?
What are the possible softwares that I can use to solve this issue ?

Thank you !!

The pivot probably refers to the origin for a glTF asset.

When you drag-and-drop the GLB file into https://gltf.report/ and have a look at the ‘Metadata’ tab, you’ll see the BBOX_MIN/MAX values, indicating that the cube has a distance of ~450 meters from the origin in x-direction, and a distance of ~310 meters in z-direction:

You could use any program to adjust the model and move it to the origin (e.g. Blender or any other editor that supports import/export of glTF). In fact, this is a relatively simple operation, so you could also do it directly in https://gltf.report/ : When you select the “Script” tab, you can enter the following:

import { center } from '@gltf-transform/functions';

await document.transform(
    center({pivot: 'below'})

Then press ‘Run’ (upper right of the script tag), and eventually, ‘Export’ (lower right of the menu). It will offer a GLB file for download. When you add this updated GLB file into ion, then the pivot should be right 'below' the model:

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