Uploading .fbx to my assets stuck on "Tiling... 9%" forever

Hi there,

I’m having an issue uploading a large fbx model to my assets (tile as 3d tiles), the progress bar gets stuck at “Tiling… 9%” seemingly forever (I have left it for a few hours but no indication of any progress)

I’ve managed to upload the same model as a 662mb obj+mtl as a test, it processed quite quickly and loads fine (without textures that may be because of my obj output settings) - We are viewing the output in unreal - but we need to be able to upload the fbx files for our workflow.

I’ve also tried uploading with draco + webp on and off in different combinations but no change.

It would be great to get some input / advice on this, is the process getting stuck because of a dodgy material/texture that it doesn’t like? Does it just need to process for several hours before it’ll complete?

The model itself is a large model of London, we have a 272mb version and an 883mb version but both of them have the same issue.
Any help/advice would be appreciated.