Using Cesium for placing objects at world coordinates with Augmented Reality

Hi there!

I am part of a team developing an Augmented Reality App, where on of our key features is positioning certain objects on WGS84 coordinates. Our current approach is a mixture of coordinate transformations (WGS84 to local Unity CRS) and sensor input from the users smartphone, which is not 100% reliable eg. if the gyroscope/compass sensors are not precise enough.

We recently discovered Cesium, which might offer us a better solution! None of us have worked with it before, so I wanted to ask this forum for help.

Have any of you gained some experience with Cesium and AR in Unity? Are all features working on both, AR and desktop devices (especially object placement and origin shifting)? Is there some documentation of all the features available, I couldnt find all of it?

Thanks for your help,

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Hello @Samuel_Hollendonner,

While I don’t believe Cesium for Unity has been tested on AR, I would expect all features to work. If you encounter any roadblocks or issues when trying to develop AR applications with Cesium for Unity, please let us know so we can improve compatability!

Regarding documentation - the Learning Center is the best source for documentation and tutorials. More tutorials are in the works and will be available soon. You may also find the documentation for Cesium for Unreal helpful - although it’s a different engine, many of the concepts around 3D Tilesets and georeferencing are transferrable to Unity.


Okay! Thanks for your reply, I will check it out soon!