Using Cesium for University project ideas?

I will be going into my final year of University in September. I will of course have to do a dissertation which I have begun to brainstorm ideas for. I have been on a year long placement working for a geospatial software and solutions providing company. Whilst working at the company I have become familiar with Cesium using it for one of my main projects here.

I have an idea of creating some form of online geospatial web portal using Cesium of course. I would be grateful if anybody could contribute any ideas that I could look into or consider? I think Cesium would be perfect for this sort of project and am excited to begin piecing this work together and getting started on it!

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.

Sounds fun. Good luck with this project. Recently there has been a big push for open data (like in NYC and Philadelphia) so it could be interesting for your app to be a portal to a wide array of open data.


That is a very interesting idea! Thank you very much for the suggestion I will have a deeper look into this.