Using mapservers with unsupported epsg


I'm trying to use an arcgismapserverimageryprovider, in which the map server's spatial refrence is not supported (WKID is a local one and not global well-supported one like 4326)
Getting "spatial refrence not supported error", is there any way around this?

Hi there,

We only support WSG84 (EPSG:4386). You’ll have to convert your data to this projection format.

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel

That’s usually not necessary. An ArcGIS Server can reproject the imagery to the right projection on the fly.

What’s probably happening is that your MapServer has precached tiled, and those precached tiles aren’t in one of the projections that Cesium supports. In addition to 4326, Cesium supports 102100 and 102113 which are Web Mercator projections. If the precached tiles aren’t one of the supported projections, you’ll see that “spatial refrence not supported error”.

But you can still use the MapServer by telling Cesium not to use the precached tiles. Like this:

var imageryProvider = new Cesium.ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider({

url: ‘http://whatever’,

usePreCachedTilesIfAvailable: false


This will work as long as the MapServer is not configured to disallow dynamic layers.


Thanks, Kevin!