Using Maven to develop Cesium apps

I have downloaded CesiumJS 1.87 onto a Rocky 8.4 linux box. I have also installed Java 17.x and Maven 3.x. How do I develop Cesium app with this type of environment?

Hi @glwilliamz,

Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, I do not have very much experience using Maven. From what I can tell, most of our users build their CesiumJS applications using Node. Any input from the rest of the community?


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Just to clarify: Maven is usually used only for Java. There might be some sorts of “extensions” or plugins that deal with JavaScript in one way or the other, but you also explicitly mentioned Java 17, so I’m wondering whether this might be a misconception: CesiumJS is developed in JavaScript, and “Java” and “JavaScript” are completely different languages and programming environments.

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