Vegetation with Cesium


I was curious if there was any information about adding vegetation to Cesium tiles. Would it be possible to use a vegetation spawner from the asset store perhaps, or is there any information regarding this topic?

Thank you!

Hi @Onionman,

We haven’t looked into adding vegetation to 3D Tiles in Unity. We have a tutorial for procedurally placing foliage in Cesium for Unreal; perhaps some of that can also translate to Unity?

I’m personally not familiar with how vegetation spawners from the asset store work, but I imagine they would work best within a CesiumSubScene, where origin shifting is disabled. Otherwise, every single piece of vegetation would require a CesiumGlobeAnchor component, which preserves the globe-based position of the object. You may have to raycast to intersect the surface of the terrain, in order to properly place assets on top it.

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