Volumetric are calculation for mining area


I want implement a tool for implementing volumetric are calculation for mining area.

Please refer to the attached image for reference.


I’m using the cesium 1.49.

I have 3DTiles data(mesh model).

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Your image doesn’t seem to me loading for me. Can you try to reupload or perhaps use imgur (https://imgur.com) and share the link?

Are you having any particular difficulties building this tool or do you have a more specific question? If you’re looking for an already made tool that can do some of these analytics, Cesium does have the ion SDK which comes with some sensor/measurement tools. Reach out to Tim (tim@cesium.com) to learn more about that.

Nevermind, image works now!

Yeah, if you have a specific question let me know, otherwise email tim@cesium.com to see if the ion SDK does what you need.

Thanks for your time.

Actually what I want to do is:

1st Step: I will draw a polygon in free hand around a area(dump area[data is in 3DTiles data(mesh model)]).

2nd step: After that want to make some calculation for the volume and highlight the area(like in ref image).

Please let me know if more details is needed.

Reference is: https://www.propelleraero.com

They have this kind of tool for mining area.

The closest thing I can think of is this example:

For drawing lines on terrain. There’s nothing built in to the open source CesiumJS for automatically computing volume and highlighting, but you should be able to build it yourself by creating polygons and volumes. This Cesium tutorial is a good place to start:

If you are looking for something that’s already built, send an email to Tim like I mentioned to see if the Cesium ion SDK has the tools you need.

Thanks Omar for your time.

I have send a email with details to Tim.