vsgCs - 3D Tiles and Cesium ion for Vulkan Scene Graph (VSG)

I’m pleased to announce a preview release of vsgCs, a library for streaming 3D Tiles tilesets and image overlays into a Vulkan Scene Graph application. In particular, it can stream assets from a Cesium ion server. Although this is a new project, the streaming of tilesets with multiple image overlays works well. Multiple tilesets are supported, so you can e.g. display OSM buildings on Cesium terrain.

If you

  • want to incorporate 3D Tiles or content from a Cesium ion server into an application and render it in real time
  • are looking for a light weight, open source solution
  • are already using or considering VSG
  • are coming from the Open Scene Graph world

then vsgCs is for you!

Like Cesium for Unreal, Cesium for Unity, and Cesium forO3DE, vsgCS is implemented using the Cesium Native library. It has been tested on Linux and Windows. vsgCs is released under an MIT license.

Download the source from GitHub.

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Just want to say I have been using this library for a few weeks now and its great. Thanks for the effort here Tim!

Thanks, glad that you are finding it useful. There has been a slow drip of features since the first release; I intend to make another alpha release in the next couple of weeks. New features include the trackball manipulator from osgEarth, point clouds thanks to new support in Cesium Native, and performance improvements downloading tiles.

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