vsgCs 0.4 release

I’m pleased to announce the version 0.4 release of vsgCs, a library for displaying 3D Tiles and other Cesium ion content with the Vulkan Scene Graph (VSG). 0.4 has these new features:

  • The build process is more self-contained and will now download Cesiuam native libraries and VSG.
  • vsgCs can stream Google Maps Photorealistic 3D Tiles.
  • Some support for tile styling has been added. If present, the cesium#color feature attribute is used to color tiles.
  • The management of web connections and data download has been greatly improved.
  • The mouse manipulator from the rocky project has been integrated. This provides better interactive control, especially close to the Earth, than the default VSG trackball manipulator.
  • Support for the Tracy profiling package has been added.
  • The credits display has been rewritten, using images and attribution from the data sources.
  • A “time of day” argument has been added to the worldviewer application, which is used in positioning the default light i.e., the Sun.
  • Point clouds in 3D tiles can be rendered.


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