Wanna make 3D Grid On CesiumJS

I have to make 3D Grid for Geofencing with drone, so I made a 3D Grid With Entity boxes, But That performance was terrible, so I wanna Know Something good to make 3D Grid or How to Know Box Contains Building or Terrain


this pic is what I wanna do


Welcome to the community :fireworks: Your use case seems amazing! I would love to see the final product when it is complete.

My first idea would be to use an Entity box. If implemented correctly, I would not expect the performance to be demo-breaking. If you send over your current implementation, I would be happy to take a look at your implementation.

Another possible solution would be to use a CZML object. This might have better runtime performance. Here is a demo of how to create a translucent Cesium ellipse that should help you get started.

You can check out the CZML spec for more details

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


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Hi! Example of boxes (1000 of them in a grid). Performance seems very good:


Performance is crazy good :wink: Here with 27 000 boxes and no lag on frame rate at all:

Around 100k boxes the creation starts getting really slow though… it almost hits some non-continuity point, takes like 5 minutes to create the boxes. But still performance in rendering is good.



Looks amazing! :grinning: :fireworks: 100k boxes would maybe be a little bit overwhelming but still very cool. I am so happy that we found a robust solution. @Gwondori be sure to check this out.

Let me know if anything else comes up!


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Thank you very much! That’s Exactly what I want!

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