WEBODM 3dmodel duplicates

I created a perfect 3d texture model with WebODM.
Now i’m testing to serve this model through cesium ion.
Tried first to upload the 3d model via the webodm cesium ion plugin. however, that gives an error and the upload does not start.
Second, I tried to add the data through the website of cesium-ion.
I zipped and uploaded the texture directory (obj + mtl) and after choosing 3DCapture the upload starts.
In the result I see all kinds of duplications that are not present in the original.
someone any idea
thx in advance
gr Fons

Hi @bono495, the zip file seems to have two obj files that are overlapped with each other. If you remove one of them, cesium ion will display correctly. Please let me know if that works for you.

What kind of project are you working on?

Hi Bao,
Thanks for the tip and you were absolutely right. It was actually obvious. The project is mapping a park, ortho, dsm, dtm and finally the 3Dmesh for presentation purposes.
gr Fons

For completeness, the WebODM bug is discussed here https://community.opendronemap.org/t/does-the-tile-in-cesium-ion-button-still-work/4217/8 and a solution may be forthcoming.

When picking a mesh to upload you probably want the odm_textured_model.obj and not odm_textured_model_geo.obj as I am told Cesium doesn’t yet support georeferenced meshes.

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