We've improved the Cesium documentation site

We’ve updated the Cesium Learning Center content and navigation.

What do you think?


Check out these fun new tutorials:

Build a Flight Tracker

Visualize a real flight from San Francisco to Copenhagen from radar data collected by FlightRadar24.

Visualize a Proposed Building in a 3D City

Replace a building in a real city with your own 3D model and see how it changes the view.


@lisabos the new layout definitely makes documentation stand out. Congrats :100: :tada: :clap:



Hey @lisabos,

One thing that I struggle to find when using the Cesium Learning Center is the CesiumJS API reference. It is hidden under the Build Cesium Apps section. Also, I remember that some time ago it was also visible in the footer of the general website if I am not wrong.

@Aristeidis_Bampakos Thanks for this feedback! Exactly the kind of thing we’re looking for.

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@Aristeidis_Bampakos - We added a new API References section on the web site. Hope this helps.


@lisabos That looks so great :100: It even has all API references grouped under a single section.
Thanks very much for your immediate react to my issue and for improving the docs :pray:


Just saw this post, I think my recent question is relevant.

It would be great generally if the all the published stuff (Sandcastle and docs both) were more version-aware. Look at something like the docs for NodeJS, the version being documented is prominent in the header of the page, and is part of the URL. By contrast, what version of Cesium does this page document?

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Great questions and ideas. We’ll consider what we might do to help.

Out of curiosity, how many versions back do you usually need/want to test?


At a very rough guess, I’d say at least 6 months would be good, but a year would be better. You can’t expect all your users to update on a monthly release cycle, and more than once I’ve found subtle behaviors that have changed, only to realize that I hadn’t been looking for them and had no idea when it happened.

I’ve filed a lot of issues on the tracker, and I always try to put together a good bug report, which should include whether or not the issue is a regression – having access to old Sandcastles makes figuring that out a lot easier.

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