What ContextCapture formats does Cesium ion accepts?


I would like to upload 3D mesh from ContextCapture to Cesium ion.

ContextCapture can generate:

common KML and KML with simple levels, Quadtree, Octree, Adaptive tree.

common DAE and DAE with simple levels, Quadtree, Octree, Adaptive tree.

Cesium 3d Tiles in b3dm format.

Which of these formats and type (common, Quadtree, Adaptive tree) should be used for uploading to Cesium ion?

Is it possible and what needs to be done in order for cesium ion to read the coordinates of the 3D mesh from ContextCapture or it is only possible to manually adjust the geolocation of the mesh through the Location editor?

Thanks in advance.

Can it export OBJs? That might be the best option to use.

I haven’t personally used Context Capture, so if it doesn’t export OBJs, I would guess that common DAE is the best out of that list, or if the object is too big probably DAE with Quadtree/Octree (just depending on whether your data is like buildings in a city or something that has a lot of variation in height).

In any case, Cesium ion works better with the original source data, which it can then tile to create an optimized tileset. So if I understand it correctly, it shouldn’t really matter whether you export as a Quadtree/Octree/Adaptive since ion will just take all the data out and try to find the best tiling schemes.

So try that out, and let me know how it goes!