What is ModelExperimental? And why? ; )

Hi! I am looking for roadmap what is going on with ModelExperimental? Why is it being implemented and what are the main goals / advantages with it? Could anyone know if there is blog entries etc. about this?

Hi @v12424124_34,

Thank you for reaching out! At a high level, ModelExperimental seems to be based on the Model class, which defines a 3D Model in CesiumJS that is based on a glTF. ModelExperimental seems to be optimized for machines with newer architecture and likely exhibits performance increases in certain areas. In addition, it uses part of our 3D Tiles spec that has not yet been finalized. Maybe @sean_lilley can provide some more context here?


Hi @v12424124_34,

ModelExperimental is a rewrite of Model built for 3D Tiles Next and custom shaders. It’s under active development and will stabilize in a few months, at which point it will be renamed to Model and replace the old code.

You can find the roadmap here: 3D Tiles Next CesiumJS Roadmap · Issue #9520 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub

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Thank you for the answers!

Couple of thoughts:

  • Is there anything especially webgpu related in this major r&d step?
  • Is current ModelExperimental exchangeable with old the Model? So is it backwards compatible, I guess? :slight_smile:

Good questions!

  • Nothing WebGPU related in ModelExperimental, though WebGPU is on our radar for CesiumJS.
  • ModelExperimental will be mostly backwards compatible with Model, but the exact breaking changes haven’t been decided yet. We will possibly drop support for glTF 1.0.
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