What is the easiest way to subdue the imagery used to display the 2D or 3D globe

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What is the easiest way to overlay the entire cesium view with a transluscent quad, in order to subdue the underlying “globe” imagery, in order to enhance the additional entities displayed over the quad?

I want to ensure that we can focus on the imagery and entities that we display over the globe, without regard to the color scheme of the imagery we select for the globe. To do this I believe that we need to “wash out the globe image”, by overlaying either a dark translucent quad, or a light translucent quad.

In the following the icon just to the north west of atlanta shows well enough

However in this image it gets washed out:

I want to overlay the map in a fashion that still shows it… but suppresses it

You could modify the globe’s saturation/brightness, see this code example:


Let me know if that helps.

Hi Omar.

Thanks very much for this input.

This is not quite what I want. However if I cant find an alternative this is a decent way to go.

The reason I want a translucent overlay of a color that I can specify is then I can largely ignore the contrast, saturation, brightness, and hue values of the underlying globe and pick an overlay color scheme that will work with any globe.

I’m trying to figure out how to simply set the contrast, hue, brightness values on the current displayed layer… I know what values I want to use and dont need to tie it to a set of user controlled input widgets.

I can access the layers from the view, however I see that the contrast and other parameters seem to be on a private parameter (I dont think its safe to simply change these).

What is the proper way to change these?

The code example actually shows you how to do this, it’s in this part:

var layer = imageryLayers.get(0);

layer[name] = newValue;


So for example, to change the brightness you could do:

var layer = viewer.imageryLayers.get(0);

layer.brightness = 5;