What other plugins are required in order to use Cesium?

Hi there,

I am an Unreal Engine Generalist looking to use Cesium for an upcoming project. When searching up Cesium on the Unreal Marketplace, the plugins that show up are: Cesium for Unreal Samples, Cesium for Unreal VR Tutorials, Cesium for Unreal, Project Anywhere XR, and GISDataServe. All of these tools are free except for GISDataServe.

Are these plugins required to be downloaded in order to use Cesium for Unreal, or are they optional? Have you found these other plugins to be beneficial when using Cesium?

Thank you!

Cesium for Unreal Samples, Cesium for Unreal VR Tutorials, and Project Anywhere XR aren’t plugins, they’re sample projects. They may help you get started using the plugin, but they’re definitely not required.

I have no idea what GISDataServe is; I’ve never used it. Based on a quick look, it seems to position itself as a replacement for our own Cesium ion? We would of course prefer you use Cesium ion, because we think it’s great and because doing so helps support Cesium for Unreal development. But you’re welcome to use whatever tools you like.

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