When update Cesium for Unreal,the offline data is no useful

this is data:

  1. .xml
<TileMap TileMapservice="http://tms.osgeo.org/1.0.0" version="1.0.0">


<abstract>WeMap Export TMS</abstract>



<BoundingBox minx="73.476562500" miny="3.581542969" maxx="135.109863281" maxy="53.569335938"/>

<Origin x="73.476562500" y="3.581542969"/>

<TileFormat extension="png" mime-type="image/png" width="256" height="256"/>

<TileSets profile="global-geodetic">

<TileSet href="" order="0" units-per-pixel="0.703125000"/>

<TileSet href="" order="1" units-per-pixel="0.351562500"/>

<TileSet href="" order="2" units-per-pixel="0.175781250"/>

<TileSet href="" order="3" units-per-pixel="0.087890625"/>

<TileSet href="" order="4" units-per-pixel="0.043945313"/>

<TileSet href="" order="5" units-per-pixel="0.021972656"/>

<TileSet href="" order="6" units-per-pixel="0.010986328"/>

<TileSet href="" order="7" units-per-pixel="0.005493164"/>

<TileSet href="" order="8" units-per-pixel="0.002746582"/>

<TileSet href="" order="9" units-per-pixel="0.001373291"/>

<TileSet href="" order="10" units-per-pixel="0.000686646"/>

<TileSet href="" order="11" units-per-pixel="0.000343323"/>

<TileSet href="" order="12" units-per-pixel="0.000171661"/>

<TileSet href="" order="13" units-per-pixel="0.000085831"/>

<TileSet href="" order="14" units-per-pixel="0.000042915"/>

<TileSet href="" order="15" units-per-pixel="0.000021458"/>

<TileSet href="" order="16" units-per-pixel="0.000010729"/>

<TileSet href="" order="17" units-per-pixel="0.000005364"/>

<TileSet href="" order="18" units-per-pixel="0.000002682"/>

<TileSet href="" order="19" units-per-pixel="0.000001341"/>

<TileSet href="" order="20" units-per-pixel="0.000000671"/>



old version is ok

What problem are you seeing exactly? In which version? And which version worked?


FileVersion: 3,
Version: 28,
VersionName: 1.14.0,
FriendlyName: Cesium for Unreal,

not work:
“FileVersion”: 3,
“Version”: 39,
“VersionName”: “1.23.0”,
“FriendlyName”: “Cesium for Unreal”

You still haven’t told us what “not working” actually means, though. 1.14 to 1.23 is a big jump, too, so it might be worth trying some version in between to determine more precisely when it broke.

tileSet.url = getAttributeString(pTileset, “href”)

if href is empty.It is not work.

Your tilemapresource.xml looks invalid to me. It would be fine if the href property of <Tileset> were missing entirely. But since it’s present, it shouldn’t be blank.