Why code download from website is different to github?

The code download from Downloads – Cesium is different to GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium at 1.89

And I notice DataSourceCollection.js import when from "../ThirdParty/when.js", but when.js does not exist in github. And I can find when.js in the code download from website.

I’m very confused about this. Thanks to everyone who can help me.

Hi @IDontDrive,

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I am not sure exactly what the purpose of the when.js is. I’d love to learn more about why this is relevant to your use case.


The ZIP file with the source code from the download page is created with a certain glup task, and it collects and arranges the source files - and particularly, some of the ThirdParty files - in a way that is suitable for release and distribution. Specifically: The when.js file is not contained in Source/ThirdParty on GitHub, but in ThirdParty/npm, and copied into the right directory when the ZIP file is created.