Zoom Control and Page Scroll in conflict - help me help them to get along ;-)


A total noob here. My developers have not been able to solve a UX issue we are having with a section of the website. We have a globe embedded on a section of a rather long page of the website. Issue we are having is that the User uses their scroll to move up and down on the page and also the globe uses the same command to zoom in and out. Anyone have any idea of how to solve this conflict?



Super helpful if anyone can give me a hint :slight_smile:

Bumping this one up just in case there is someone out there that has a clue :wink:

Hi there,

Here’s an example that turns off the default camera controls and creates a custom control scheme. You may want to disable only a portion of the handlers, such as just enableZoom, depending on how you’d like to modify the existing UX.