3D Buildings unavailable

I am from Bangalore India. I am experimenting Cesium with Unreal Engine for my new ArchViz Project. I notice that the 3D buildings (specifically for India) are unavailable currently.
This might be a damper to use the plugin for UE.

Is there a way to access this ?


Hello GP,

Thanks for your question. Can you please let us know the area in which you are interested in seeing Cesium OSM Buildings where there currently aren’t any? I understand that you are using Cesium for Unreal for your project, but at the moment you may find it slightly easier to search for particular locations using this Sandcastle. You can use the geocoder in the top right corner to search for a location of your choice.

A longitude/latitude location and a screenshot would help us ensure we’re looking in the same place. You can even modify the longitude, latitude, and height in that Sandcastle to start the camera in a location of your choice, like this.

If you’re seeing a difference between Cesium OSM Buildings in Cesium for Unreal vs. CesiumJS, we’ll of course want to address that.

Thank you,

Thanks Matt for the response.

I have noticed that none of the 3D buildings showed up for the whole of Bangalore, India when I tried. Specifically, I am trying for this space where my current Project is situated.

12.834996169380949, 77.77848630919507.

(Indus International School, Bangalore)

Will check Sandcastle and retry Cesium and get back to you if there are still any issues.