3d model rendering takes time

HI there, I’m a cartography student and i managed to create 213 binary gltf’s (2MB each) however when i render (90 of them at once my (laptop) crashes, i wonder if it will work normally in a server (the model is totally around 500 MB)? i have to submit the project soon so i don’t think i have enough time to (understand\implement) 3Dtiles approach -i’m a cartographer after all :slight_smile: -.

90 models( i have to render them 30 one at time)

my other problem is that the buildings aren’t defined properly, some buildings are defined while others are not, i can’t implement my picking function, i suspect it’s something with the .glb. i attached 2 models: id_71 is defined and picked while id_30 is not.

prototype code:


id_71.glb (2.63 MB)

id_30.glb (2.86 MB)


2MB sounds very large for those buildings look. Even our Cesium_Air.glb file is only 610KB.

These articles might have some helpful information for how to optimize your models:

Once the individual models are optimized, you can try to combine them so you have fewer models overall to load in. You could probably put 15 or so building together in each file.



Hi Hanna,
Thanks for the reply, you guys are cool, i guess you’re right i have downsized the images and they are around 500 KB each now.

I’ll re-convert the COLLADA’s and see the output.

with regards


Hi Hannah,

so the model works fine i have rendered 120 at ones and it works fine, however the problem with houses remain some are (defined /pickable) and othes are not, some buildings facades are not defined as well this building (id_7 ) have some facades that are not clickable.

with regads


id_7.glb (538 KB)

Looking at just id_7.glb alone, the model has two materials and one of them sets transparency to 0. The model itself however does not set the proper blend states for transparency so that part of the model is still rendered, but in the pick pass the transparent section will not be pickable. If you set the transparency to 1 the picking works.