3d tile data loading problem

Hı all,

I produced my own land model with cesium.  (1.539 km²)(1 meter accuracy) .I added 1.6 million LOD2 buildings. ı have a problem
[<img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ZZtm4CUZNpU/WgG1G4HukjI/AAAAAAAAAQk/jgegjvJ5QlI4v29AOnKzMFRq2rj6jZdwACLcBGAs/s400/cesium.JPG" border="0" style="" width="400" height="205">](https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ZZtm4CUZNpU/WgG1G4HukjI/AAAAAAAAAQk/jgegjvJ5QlI4v29AOnKzMFRq2rj6jZdwACLcBGAs/s1600/cesium.JPG)
trying to view very remote buildings. This causes it to load too slowly. also, other buildings that do not appear on the screen continue to load. buildings not visible on the screen should not be installed.
How can i solve?
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It seems like you might need to increase the tileset’s maximumScreenSpaceError or tweak the geometric error values in your tileset. Those fixes will help out in not loading so many far away tiles.

Also what version of Cesium are you running? There were recent improvements to tile loading in Cesium 1.37.

Hı Sean,

I’m changing the MaximumScreenSpaceError. I give 16, 64, 128 and 512 values . The buildings far away from the camera continue to appear.

MaximumScreenSpaceError = 16

MaximumScreenSpaceError = 64

MaximumScreenSpaceError = 128

MaximumScreenSpaceError = 512

how can i fix it.

Thank you …

Hi there,

If you want more control over what tiles not to load, you could use clipping planes on the tileset. Tiles completely clipped will not be loaded or traversed.



Additionally this seems like a consequence of the data. It’s possible those far off buildings are part of the root tile, so as long as the root is visible they will be too. Currently we don’t have conditional rendering of buildings within a tile.