3D Tiles not working


I’m using a product called FME to convert an ESRI 3D Geodatabase into Cesium Tiles, when the process is compete and I upload it to Cesium (the .json and the .b3dm files) once uploaded it comes to 158mb. However it will not show the tiles at all. Are you able to shed any light on this? I’ve tried using the same coordinate system as the Geodatebase, as well as LL-WGS84 and EPSG:4979. Is that coordinate system incorrect? Can you please help at all.

Hi Alex

Thanks for reaching out.

Are you able to share a CesiumJS sandcastle or any videos of your issue? This will allow us to diagnose the issue better. Are you seeing any issues in the browser console?

I would also recommend running the 3D Tileset through the GitHub - CesiumGS/3d-tiles-validator: Validator for 3D Tiles. This will check your tileset for any validation errors.