3D Tiles Point Cloud to Textured Mesh ?

I wonder what am I missing here.

I have a nice, high resolution, point cloud data (Lidar based).
something similar to the Church of St Marie example in Cesium Sandcastle.
I'm able to transform it into 3D Tiles.
Once done, i'm able to visualize it in Cesium as a 3D Tiles Point Cloud tileset.
So far so good.

Now I want to mesh it. i.e., convert it into textured mesh for better and smoother visualization and user experience. I don't really care if that conversion is done client side (during rendering) or server side (pre-processing, even creating another 3D Tiles Textured mesh).

Couldn't find any lead / example / hint on where to begin with it.

Any hint will be much appreciated.

This seems like a basic feature in similar libraries (i.e., pix4d, meshlab, autocad, etc). Does Cesium have any kind of support for this scenario?

Hey Omer,

You’re right - Cesium currently has no tools to convert point clouds into meshes. You can see the tasks on the road map here:

I don’t see it on there, but if you think this would be a useful feature for the community feel free to make a new GitHub issue as a feature request!

Thanks Omar,
I'm still debating weather it is a cesium feature suggestion (client side) or a server side (3d tiles pre-processing) feature

Hi Cesium Team,

I would like to know update of this feature.

Is this feature available now?



I still do not see any mention of this feature on our roadmap. To the best of my knowledge, we still do not support this feature.

As Omar suggested, if this feature is important to you, feel free to make a new GitHub issue as a feature request. In the meantime, I will check in with the rest of our development team to see if there are any related updates. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


Thanks for the reply!

I’m considering now if I can fulfill my requirement by using the 3d terrain from heightmap.
I tried to upload t3d terrain from my geoTiff produced by Global mapper to Cesium ion but somehow it failed. I already sent report via email.
Just sharing you my updates:) Any suggestion is welcome!



Based on the information that you have provided, using the 3D Terrain from heightmap is likely your best option. Sending a report via. email is a great first step to getting your issue debugged! You can always post additional questions in the community forum (using the Cesium ion tag).


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Thanks for the reply.
How do you actually find the coordinates within the polygon as a grid?
like written here?

Thanks for the support!



I am not sure exactly what you mean - could you please provide a little bit more context? For instance, how does this fit into your overall project? I am looking forward to learning more.