A question about seawater

Hi gays:

I want to ask a question about seawater. Currently, the cesium seawater is just a result of texture processing, which looks like a textured animation. I want a seawater system that can control wave height, water surface and underwater effects, just like the Ocean plugin. How can I achieve this? Can you provide a solution? Thank you. I have tried to rebuild the mesh with a water mask, add vertices, and control the vertices in the shader to achieve a wave effect, but the integration with the land block is a big problem and the effect is very poor. It would be best to use the water material provided by UE, which is the best solution. I would like to ask if there are any development plans for seawater from the official side?

This is not something we’ve explored, so we’re not sure what would be involved. But if there are changes that can be made to the plugin to enable this or make it easier, we’d certainly be interested in a pull request. Or at least some further insight into what is required.

ok , thx

OK,, thx