A trouble with "Build a Flight Tracker with Cesium for Unreal"

Hello everyone. When I followed the tutuial of fight tracker by cesium for unreal. Everything looks fine, But the outcome looks like this. Any soluation with the problem?


Level BluePrint


Hello @Poseidon_ZGR ,

The lighting situation seems like the sun is at a glancing angle. The Cesium Sun Sky does not work well for night-time lighting and for low horizon angles. I would pick a time on the Cesium Sun Sky that is daytime at both the origin and destination of the flight.

Also in your second picture, on the left side, it should be 1.0 / duration, not duration / 1.0.

I can’t tell perfectly from the picture, but is the airplane perpendicular to the spline as it’s moving along it? If so, you may have to correct the model’s axes when you import them. Otherwise, you could give the aircraft’s static mesh component a +/-90 degree offset in the appropriate axis.

Hopefully those suggestions resolve your issues! Let me know if that’s not the case.


Thanks, buddy. with your help, i solved the problem in my second picture, Appreciate your suggestions :grinning:

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after undating the application, the aircraft seems normal. thanks again. but the attitude angle of the aircraft(roll angle) seems not correct. the pictures as follows:

how to solve the problem?

If the roll is consistently wrong by the same amount, the model is probably still being imported with an incorrect orientation. Again you can offset the roll while importing, you may need to experiment a couple times to find the correct axis and amount.