ACesiumGeoreference do not give me the good Unreal position between 2 PC


i have a problem with ACesiumGeoreference.
i have 2 PC with the same game using Cesium at the same Georeference and 3DTiles.

When i spawn a missile in PC1, i get its WGS position and i send it to PC2.
PC2 receive the good WGS coordinates.
But when i transform the WGS position to Unreal coords in PC2, the Unreal cooridantes are very different (but it should not because i use the same 3DTiles and the same CesiumGeoreference).

Note: i use InaccurateTransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightToUnreal() (C++)

How does ACesiumGeoreference work ?
How can i solve my problem ?


Hi @Greg2021,

My best guess is that it is caused by world origin rebasing. To maintain precision for a very large world, ACesiumGeoreference by default sets the UWorld’s OriginLocation property to be near the camera as the player moves around. This means that in a multiplayer scenario, the (0,0,0) of the Unreal world may be at different locations on the different computers, and therefore the coordinates of a particular longitude/latitude/height will be different as well.

You can disable this behavior by unchecking the “Keep World Origin Near Camera” on the CesiumGeoreference.

You can read a lot more about how the Georeference and origin rebasing work here: