Add ability to export CZML from the Entity API - For GSoC


I am Vishnu Teja pursuing my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Surat. I
have a good knowledge of JS, HTML, CSS as they are also included in
academic syllabus. I have been working and learning a lot on web
development through ACM and by contributing Mozilla. Here are my contributions

Bugzilla Handle :

Github Handle :

I am very much interested to work on this particular project through GSoC. And I would like to work on some bugs which are related to this project before to get myself fluent with the code base. Please me help with some pointers from where I can start contributing and learn some things if needed for this project. And also please let me know where I can ping the mentors for my further doubts on IRC.

Thank you.

also please feel free to inform me if I am too late and someone is already working on this project.


There is no “too late” as multiple students can certainly apply for the same project and we will select the best candidate for the job.

I would recommend you get up and running with Cesium using our contributor’s guide and then just pick from any of the issues in our issues list This tutorial is also good for learning the Entity API and I would also learn as much as you can about CZML

Good luck,


I have my semester exams form 23rd March - 25th March. Is it okay if I just submit idea before 27th March and edit it afterwards in the proposal editing period?

I believe that’s technically in the rules of GSoC. While we would still appreciate that your initial proposal to be as complete as possible so that we can accurately evaluate it against other submissions, we probably won’t start looking at them in earnest until April, so you have time after your exams to clean it up.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: