Add Dataset Tutorial - Step 3 Could not find Melbourne PhotoGrammetry Model

Working in on step 3 of the Add Dataset tutorial I could not find the the Melbourne Photogrammetry model. Please advice.

This might be related to the hint that is mentioned in the tutorial in step 2:

Is Melbourne Photogrammetry missing from the asset list? Visit the Melbourne Photogrammetry Asset Depot page and click Add to my assets . Then return to Unreal Engine and refresh the asset list using the button in the upper left of the Cesium ion Assets panel.

Did you already try that?

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Hi Macro 13,

It seems to work as expected. I am moving on to step 3

Oops, except in Step 2, when I clicked on the Melbourne Photogrammetry in the World Outliner, and examined the detail panel, the only thing I observed was the transformation detail, but not cesium

This is not expected as indicated in the tutorial, where I am supposed to see ion access ID and the rest

It might be that there was a change in the UI - maybe that information was moved somewhere else, like into the ‘RootComponent’ or so? If you don’t find the required settings anywhere, this may have to be investigated further (maybe including an update of the screenshots or wording of the tutorial page).

I filtered the RootComponent for ion Access ID, but did not see it either

And this is the wording of point # 4 of Step 2 of the Tutorial

4Click on Melbourne Photogrammetry in the World Outliner and take a look at the Details panel.

The Ion Asset ID is pre-filled with the Asset ID of the Melbourne Photogrammetry dataset.

The Ion Access Token is blank. This means that the asset is using the project’s default token. There’s no need to change either of these settings right no

You have “RootComponent (Tileset)” selected in your details window. The top-level object, “Melbourne Photogrammetry (Instance)” is the one that should be selected.

Opps, you are right, now there it is, ie., ion Access ID shown