Cesium tileset asset 404 when packaging Cesium Unreal 5 tutorial project for Windows


I’m seeing an asset 404 error when building and packaging a basic Cesium Unreal test project containing 3 levels:

  1. Cesium with Cesium World Terrain and OSM buildings
  2. Cesium with Cesium World Terrain and Melbourne Photogrammetry.
  3. Cesium with Google 3D maps.

The error:

  1. UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): - Received status code 404 for asset response https://api.cesium.com/v1/assets/69380/endpoint?access_token={my_project_token}.

69380 is the Melbourne Photogrammetry asset, which is present in My Assets. The Windows package export is started while connected to Cesium Ion from within the Unreal 5 editor.

Thanks in advance for an assist :wink:

If you visit that URL in a web browser, does it work?

Is the Melbourne tileset working in the Editor? In all levels that use it?

Being logged into ion in the Editor UI isn’t sufficient if the token used with that tileset (either specified explicitly on the Cesium3DTileset or via the project default token) is not authorized to access it.