Adding CesiumSunSky turns particle effects black

I’d like to use particle effects in my Cesium scene in Unreal as demonstrated in the following tutorial. The particle effect works fine until CesiumSunSky is added to the scene (first image).

After adding CesiumSunSky to the scene the particle effect renders black (second image).

What changes need to be made to CesiumSunSky or to the particle effect in order to display the particle effect?

Further testing shows the main factor is multiplying the emission on the material associated with the particle effect. Multiplying by a factor of x50 or more may be required to make the particle effect’s colour visible. The particle effect will then need further tweaking to try and replicate the intended result.

Hi @virtualarchitectures, welcome to the forum!

You’re correct, this is caused by the emissive value of the particle material. CesiumSunSky uses physically-based values for light intensity, which means that standard emissive materials have trouble keeping up. You can raise the emissive factor as you did here, or if you don’t require accurate light intensity of the sun, you can lower the intensity of the Directional Light Component of CesiumSunSky, which might save time if you have many materials you wish to adjust, or are relying on a particular look for your particles.

You can read more about this material limitation and CesiumSunSky here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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