Adjusting Pointcloud to be Rendered Over Terrain

I have a pointcloud that spans the globe but some of the points clip below the surface. I know this would be an edge-case for point cloud support but I would love the ability to have points conditionally work like GroundPrimitive and move to the top of the surface when it is clipped.

Currently my code works as follow: By sampling the terrain and then moving the point before load if it is below the surface. The problem with this solution is loading becomes very slow and is not efficient in adjusting points.

Overall I would like the ability to handle points living below the surface. This could be done by adjusting the terrain or the points as long as the hidden points are visible. My other idea would be to test the point against cesiums terrain before generating the tile and adding a meta property that will be added on load.

Currently I am using Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181 and Cesium 1.46 but generally stay up to date with the master branch.

Hi Brandon,

Good idea! I’ve opened an issue for this feature request, #6714. If you have the bandwidth to take a look at a solution or proposed solution, contributions are greatly appreciated!