Advanced styling point clouds

Hi Cesium Team

I am trying to achieve a snow-like effect for my point cloud tiles and I was wondering if it is currently possible to style them in a way that single points have a rounded shape instead of a squared one and/or if they could even be represented by billboard images.

I played a bit with the shading of the point cloud but did not help in achieving what I am looking for, which is an effect similar to particle systems’ style (see this Sandcastle tutorial or this other one).

Thanks in advance for any input.

Hi - Have you taken a look at the Particle Weather System sandcastle?

Hi Shehzan

Yes, I’ve seen it but I am not using a particle system. Instead, I would like to know if it is possible to obtain a similar effect (with image, color etc.) through the 3D Tiles styling language on a point cloud object.


I think it might help to understand more about your goals with such a visualization. Purely trying to answer the specific question would narrow the view we have into actually trying to understand your problem.