Point Cloud Cesium for Unreal?

Hi there, I’m working on a visualisation for my Cesium project which requires the earth surface and OSM buildings to be rendered like point clouds. Due to the nature of the OSM buildings this is a difficult task using the usual methods in unreal. So while I work on my own approach, do any of you guys know how I can make Cesium look like the point cloud style found within the CesiumJS styling tutorial?

It would be a huge help, then I can work on styling that instead of trying to make a shader. So far non of them look very satisfactory or convincing as point clouds or lidar scans.

Thank you

Hi @Anthony_Attwood,

The only way I can think of for doing this would be with a material/shader. You’ve mentioned you already gave that a try - can you share what method’s you’ve tested for making a point cloud shader?


Sure, I may be going about it wrong but:

I’m using scene depth as a texture gradient for my dots. I’ve aligned them to world normals so they’re covering all meshes at all angles and then blended this with scenetexture:postprocess2 for the mask, so the colours of the meshes textures show through the dots.

On top of this I have a simple outline shader that I wanted to be able to have a more clustered/ randomised dot texture to outline based on normal depth.

This isn’t looking quite right, and I’m not sure how to properly mask postprocessing shaders yet.

Another technique I’m using is to create a radial grid that follows the world normals and I’ve only allowed two axis of lines: X and Z. What I’m now aiming to do is to use various dot textures to turn the lines into randomised dots and then hopefully combine this with the scene depth outline post process.

I’m my mind it looks fine but in practice it’s not coming across how I’d like it yet. It definitely needs more work but any advice you have would be great :slight_smile: