Aerial Tour

I am creating a virtual aerial tour of an area. It is comprised of multiple points that i want to flyTo (preferably with pauses between points). I’ve googled around for ways to implement this but didn’t find anything. Before diving in, I wanted to ask the group if anyone’s done this before and, if so, is there a recommended approach?

  • use the flyTo callback functionality to fly to multiple pointes

  • somehow fly along a polyline

  • other?

Thanks so much.

I should gave mentioned…I am looking to do this outside of the timeline. IE user clicks a “Tour” button which launches the tour wherever the timeline is. And the tour completes in the same amount of real world time no matter what the clock.multiplier is. Hope that makes sense.


Take a look at the ‘Fly in a city’ function in the Camera demo:

This has a timeout function that triggers camera.flyTo after a certain amount of time.

The interpolation demo might also be helpful for you:

It shows how to interpolate points in a SampledPositionProperty to get a path.