After CZML load, set LagrangePolynomialApproximation

Hello forum,

I have some CZML that describes aircraft flight information, testing sucessfully on the globe and showing a entity path graphic as well as the point representation of the aircraft.

In the cesiumViewer.dataSources.dataSourceAdded callback method I say:

   interpolationDegree : 5,
   interpolationAlgorithm : $wnd.Cesium.LagrangePolynomialApproximation

On playback, the aircraft position obeys the LagrangePolynomialApproximation Interpolation, but the path still consists of straight line segments. Is this because the path graphic was created BEFORE my callback?

How can I get that path graphic to have the LagrangePolynomialApproximation ?

Thanks in advance for any pointers or other experiences.

Could this be a bug? The path graphic was not drawn with the Interpolation, but the entity did follow the Interpolation.

Hello Tom,

This sounds like it could be a bug. Could you please provide a code sample?
Also, see this interpolation demo:

The path re-draws correctly using setInterpolationOptions in this example. You could look at that code to see if there’s something different than your code. It’s also possible that it’s a CZML specific bug.



Also note that you can set the interpolation options from the CZML. Here is an example:

  "id": "InternationalSpaceStation",
  "position": {
    "referenceFrame": "INERTIAL",
    "epoch": "2012-05-02T12:00:00Z",
    "cartesian": [
      0.0, -6668447.2211117, 1201886.45913705, 146789.427467256,
      60.0, -6711432.84684144, 919677.673492462, -214047.552431458,
      90.0, -6721319.92231553, 776899.784034099, -394198.837519575,
      150.0, -6717826.447064, 488820.628328182, -752924.980158179,
      180.0, -6704450.41462847, 343851.784836767, -931084.800346031,
      240.0, -6654518.44949696, 52891.726433174, -1283967.69137678
    "nextTime": 300.0,
    "interpolationAlgorithm": "LAGRANGE",
    "interpolationDegree": 5