Applying lagrange interpolation to flight tracker demo path? [SOLVED]

Hello everyone,

New Cesium user here, quite impressed with its capabilities so far.
Unfortunately I can’t say the same about myself as I’m struggling to apply a lagrange polynomial approximation (Cesium Sandcastle) to the basic flight tracker demo (Build a Flight Tracker – Cesium) flght path.

While I’m able to apply some interpolation to the 3Dmodel’s movements by supplying

interpolationDegree: 5,

I’m unable to interpolate the flight path as seen in the interpolation sandcastle example.

Could someone please let me know how this can be achieved?

Best regards,


Welcome !, You need to set pathGraphics.resolution property to set maximum number of seconds to step when sampling the position (Sandcastle link)

path: new Cesium.PathGraphics({ width: 3, resolution:1 })



Thank you very much for your help, it’s working working fine now! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! happy to see that the issue was resolved :grinning: