Always visible billboard

I have a billboard (created by PinBuilder) that I would like to be always visible (and pickable so user can drag it) even when there are entities (possibly at some non-zero height) at the same point.
Is it possible?

A simpler task: ensure the billboard is visible at zero height when there are multiple entities at the same (zero) height regardless of drawing order.

Thank you


You can try using the eyeOffset property for the billboard. A negative z value will make it draw first.

Try something like eyeOffset: new Cesium.Cartesian3(0, 0, -50);



Does not work for me - have to give large Z to make it work at different zoom levels, but them billboard disappears (gets behind camera) when zoomed closer. The following discussion is related to this on.!topic/cesium-dev/Z68H4SHnAAY