Am I allowed to use Cesium in my app/website for free

Am I allowed to use Cesium for my app/website for free if my app/website’s usage is well below that of the limits of the free tier of the Cesium ion’s plan.


What kind of application are you working on?

It’s basically a flight tracker with live flight status in 3D

That sounds pretty cool - I’d love to see it on the showcases category here when it’s out:

What’s your data source? I just recently learned about the OpenFlightNetwork live API:

Thanks @omar . I was planning to use the same API as a data source… Infact had a prototype website running. However it got pulled down as I didn’t log into it’s control panel for about a month (due to my exams) and hence I lost all my files and coding. (Backup files got corrupted when shifted to a new device).

So… gotta start fresh anew again… :grin: :grin:

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