Cesium ION free conditions.

Hello everyone,

as annunced on 1 september the AGI STK Server will be shutted off, i am worried for my website that is based on it !

I know that the new Cesium ION consider also a free usage but i think that, also if my website is free to use, i don’t meet the free conditions because i have more than 1000 sessions/month.

Do you know if really 1000 sessions/month is the limit for free usage of Ceisum ION? It is so also for free use websites?

Thank you

Try again…

on the new Cesium ION website is written :

ion accounts are free for non-commercial and non-government use and give you access to 3D content such as Cesium World Terrain as well as 5 GB of storage for cloud-based 3D tiling.

so, to use it in downloading terrain tiles for free is only needed to be a non-commercial non-governament site or there are other limitations as the 1000 sessions/month?

It is not clear to me, please if somebody can help!

1000 sessions/month is specifically for Bing imagery, other assets, such as Sentinel-2 and Cesium World Terrain, are purely based on the amount of data that is streamed. Depending on how popular your site is, there’s a good chance you still qualify for the free usage tier. Please check out the ion pricing page for a complete breakdown of what qualifies for free usage: https://cesium.com/pricing/

If things still aren’t clear, please reach out to tim@cesium.com directly for guidance.

Hope that helps,


Thank you, yes now it is more clear! :slight_smile:

Reading on the Cesium Ion price page i did confuse the Cesium World Terrain streaming with the Bing Imagery streaming. However seems to be strange that is more limited the use of a data source that is external to the Cesium server!

If I use Cesium ION resources for streaming imagery tiles (Sentinel) there is no sessions limitation and instead if a stream from an external server as Bing i was limited by Cesium… whats the sense? :open_mouth: