Arcgis map service bug ?


Not sure if this is a bug or not but I thought I should report this.

The argis map service provider uses the 'export?' rest service to acquire the map tiles from the server as documented here.

But (as I found out) several arcgis servers do not support this rest service and instead support the Image service 'exportImage?' as documented here:

I found out that changing the line that calls the image provider with the built url from export? to exportImage? does indeed works (although its probably just luck on my part.)

Because i had no choice as my app needed to support multiple arcgis servers on multiple environments I changed the source code with that workaround I found.

As far as I saw an arcgis server will have either the export? or the exportImage service but not both...

Can this be fixed in a future release so I wont have to change your source code and hate myself a little less ?

Thanks for the info. I’ve written up a GitHub issue so that we remember to look at this (pull requests are always welcome of course :slight_smile: