Arcgis Map service

I implemented arcgismapservertileprovider following the arcgismapserverimageryprovider of cesium.js, but the display is incorrect

What might I be wrong?
The red log is my request to print

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I can use ‘export’ service,but how to load multiple services at the same time

Hi @zrkcode,

It’s hard to say where your new provider might be going wrong without seeing the code. Would you be interested in contributing it back to Cesium for Unreal? If so, you can open a pull request, and maybe I or someone from the team can spot the issue.


Hi @Kevin_Ring ,

I open the pull request

Thanks! Please sign the CLA if you haven’t already (there’s a link in the cesium-unreal PR you opened) and we’ll take a look soon.

I have signed it.