Auto-duplicated Cesium Georeference Causes Massive Performance Issue

Hello, after creating three sublevels, I noticed that, somtimes, CesiumGeoreference[Running Number] is duplicated within the Outliner, up to 20 times. This causes the performance to drop dramatically. So temporarily resolve this, I deleted all except CesiumGeoreference0 which is in my Globe(Persistent) level. I’m not sure what the cause is and I’m hoping someone can shed some light.

I noticed this happens to any sublevel after I change between sublevels in the editor via the Levels panel.

Can you explain more how to reproduce this? I tried opening the 04_Main_CesiumSublevels level in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project and switching repeatedly between levels by double-clicking them in the Levels panel. I didn’t see any extra CesiumGeoreferences.


I’m really not sure how to reproduce it at the moment and I understand that that would be the most valuable information to help with troubleshooting. But I went out for lunch and clicked arround the maps and it happened again. CesiumGeoreference created itself from 36 to 71 in the picture.


I’ll continue observing and paying attention to my flow and will let you know if I find some correlation.

Ok, thanks, let me know what you find.