Bad docs on blog example

This entry Integrating Cesium with Three.js – Cesium has some problems:

  1. Duplicated keys navigationHelpButton on new Cesium.Viewer(), initCesium function

  2. contextOptions.webgl.anialias, presumable ‘antialias’ bad wrote field, but in before, already there’s an antialias field, so I don’t know how to interpret it, because even it differs each other: one is true, the other one, false.


Thank you for the feedback. As you know, the blog post is a few years old. From what I can tell, it has not been updated recently. I submitted an issue internally to get this resolved.


Thank You so much @sam.rothstein for your quick answer. We understand, tech advances so quick and is a very hard work to mantain every entry or publication according these changes. Sorry if my aseptic tone sounded bad, it was about formality. Thank You

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